BNR Studio 1

The Sofia National Radio Studio 1 control room has the best equipment actually available on the market, refer to section “Control Room”.

The control room covers an area of 31 square meters; it stands at a higher level which allows a better overall view of the great room built in the 60s which has an area of 420 square meters and can host more than 150 musicians. The acoustics is perfect for recording either small or big musical groups as the 13 meters high room allows a natural reverberation of 1.35 seconds.

The studio has an incredible availability of musical instruments:

3 Steinway Concert D, Grand Piano, Yamaha C7, Premier Vibraphone, Marimba, Musser, Xylophone, Bells, Timpani, Bass Drum Ludwig, Drum set , Glockenspiel & Celesta Harpsichord & Harps

The studio is equipped with the “Source Live” system for the remote recording allowing you therefore staying in your studio or office.

The 100Mbps studio’s dedicated internet connection for both down and uploads allows not only to have a perfect internet connection during recording but also to transmit files in an extremely fast way.

Area : 420 m2
Volume of 4500 m3
RT60: 1,35 s

Control Room:
Area: 31 m2
Volume: 90 m3

Mixer & Pre-amps:
SSL Duality SE – 48ch. mixing console
2x Millennia HV 3D – 8ch. Mic Pre-am

DAW & AD/DA Converters:
2x SSL Alpha Link MADI SX – 24ch. AD/DA
ProTools HD MADI Native Thunderbolt
iMac 27” 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5


Audio monitors:
Genelec 1035
Genelec 1031 Klein+Hummel 0300


Outboard gear:
Lexicon 960 with LARC
Lexicon PCM 80


Bruel & Kjaer


80x AKG K77
3x AKG 141 Studio
1x Beyerdynamic DT990


Musical instruments:
3x Steinway Concert D GrandPiano
Yamaha C7 GrandPiano
Yamaha Electron – E3
Premier Vibraphone & Marimba
Musser Xylophone and Bells
Timpani & Bass Drum
Ludwig Drum set
Glockenspiel & Celesta Harpsichord & Harps


Guitar amplifiers:
Dynacord Turbo Dynacord B412
Fender Showman Reverb