Tecnology at the service of art

A recording studio at the forefront of todays technologies but also a meeting point where director, producer, composer and sound engineers can discuss and confront their musical ideas or elaborate artistic projects as if they where in their own studio.

It is from this ambitious and fascinating idea that the Stone Recording Studio is born. A project made true with great enthusiasm by Sud Ovest Records which has realised high level national and international projects with professionalism and seriousness for the past eighteen years.

The whole studio environment is 150 mcomposed by a 70 m2 live room and a comfortable 30 m2 control room, acoustically built for 5.1 mixing.
During 5.1 soundtrack mixes, the film can be viewed either on a 46″ monitor or projected on a 4×3 meters screen; this second option offers the advantage of mixing while feeling the effect that the audience will have in the cinema.

Big windows add to the value of the studio (rather rare in recording studios). They give the pleasing impression of working in an open space nearly in contact with nature. The studio can accomodate 24 musicians. The ceiling is 4,5 meters high and floating acustic panels make it possible to tailor the room’s response to suit the music’s requirements.
The resident piano is a Steinway & Sons Model D concert grand.
This was Luis Bacalov’s piano, on which he composed the Academy Award winning score for “The Postman”

Like being in a loft

The studio also offers a “chill-out area” in which people can relax while comfortably seated on a couch or around a table with a fresh drink or a coffe. Printer, fax, Wifi and TV are available.

Our Address is Via di Pietra Papa, 1, Rome, Italy


SSL 4000 G+ 60 ch



Sistema 5.1 Quested VS 2108
Quested VS 1115b
Matrix: Martinsound Multimax EXR

Digital Recorder
Protools HD3 with 4x 192 I/O
Digidesign sync I/O
Apple Mac Pro Otto Core GHz 2.26 – 6Gb RAM
2 Tascam DA-78 HR
1 Sony PCM Dat 2600

Lexicon 960L
Lexicon PCM 70
TC Electronic M 3000
2 Urei 1176
1 Urei LA-4

Video Monitor
2 Sony Bravia 46′
2 Samsung 42′
Proiezione 4×3 metri con proiettore LCD Panasonic

Neumann: 6 – U87 AI
Neumann: 4 – U184
AKG: 4 – C 414B KL II
AKG: 2 – C 451 E
AKG: 1 – D 112
Sennheiser: 3 – MD 421
Shure: 2 – SM 58

Headphone amplifier
2 – Crown XTI 1000

30 – AKG k77